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From Local Orchard to National Recognition: Building Brand Awareness for Schilling Hard Cider

Teaming up with Revolution PR, Schilling Hard Cider embarked on a journey to secure new brand fans across the Pacific Northwest and beyond while earning accolades for its high-quality products, sustainable practices and community initiatives.

Our collaboration sparked brand buzz, clinched media recognition, and positioned Schilling’s CEO as a thought leader in the cider world. By blending creative ideas and proven strategies and leveraging deep relationships with reporters and influencers, Revolution secured storytelling that built buzz and sales, celebrated sustainability and activated key markets. 

A robust influencer marketing campaign reached Schilling-aligned audiences, driving brand awareness, increasing product trials and providing compelling content for re-posting. 

With 34 press hits and 51 influencer partnerships under our belt, our multifaceted approach ensured Schilling stood out in a crowded market. From product launches to National Cider Month, we seized every opportunity to shine.

As we look to the future, this partnership is just getting started. With a solid foundation, soaring media sentiment and loyal influential brand fans, Schilling Hard Cider is ready to claim its spot as the premier sustainable craft cider brand.