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You eat healthy (salad and kombucha for lunch) and exercise (hello SoulCycle!) to keep your body strong. But what are you doing for your brain? We’ve teamed up with a new wellness beverage, BrainGear to fuel our brain the same way we do our bodies. BrainGear feeds your brain with 13 nutrients clinically proven to promote brain wellness and cognitive function. It basically serves as a green juice for your neurons.

We partnered with BrainGear to execute an array of activations including, establishing influencer partnerships, creating social media content, increasing email communications, managing media relations, and launching a “Free Your Mind” campaign.

The “Free Your Mind” campaign targeted Millennial women in the 28-38 age range, inspiring them to think differently about their brain, creating an emotional connection to the thing that literally runs their life — something we’ve all considered just a processing center until now. Throughout the duration of the campaign, we secured 39 influencer mentions and 690,922 impressions.

BrainGear encourages women to be their best self, all while taking care of the body’s most important organ – and that’s a message we can get behind.