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Amplifying Stream2Sea’s People-Safe, Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Autumn Blum, cosmetic chemist, expert formulator and CEO of ultra reef-safe body care brand Stream2Sea, founded the company after seeing the amount of highly toxic ingredients washing off fellow explorers’ bodies and into our fragile aquatic ecosystem on a dive trip in Palau. After extensive scientific research and testing, Autumn and her team formulated the only mineral-based sunscreen on the planet that’s been tested and proven safe for fresh and saltwater fish and coral larvae and has passed the stringent HEL Labs Protect Land + Sea certification.

Revolution partnered with Stream2Sea to introduce the brand and its dynamic founder to key media outlets and aligned influencers to grow awareness, drive sales and establish Autumn as an industry thought leader. Our strategy included leveraging timely trends, such as the growing awareness of the impact of toxic ingredients on our environment, and connecting reporters to Autumn – telling a compelling brand story that established a foundation for growth and distribution expansion.

Sharing Autumn Blum’s journey and expertise as a powerful “why story” demonstrated uniqueness, value and the authentic passion behind the brand. By personalizing Stream2Sea and positioning Autumn as an industry leader, Revolution created broad awareness, elevated Autumn and drove product sales.

Our campaign earned 23 press hits in top publications, including, The Strategist, Allure, Women’s Health, USA Today, The Washington Post, Healthline, Harper’s Bazaar and more, resulting in over 727.95M+ impressions. This coverage showcased Stream2Sea’s ultra-thorough testing process, proven-safe, industry-disrupting products and the founder’s expert knowledge of chemistry and cosmetic safety.

To further amplify the brand and build social buzz, we launched an earned coverage influencer campaign. By seeding Stream2Sea products with brand and mission-aligned influencers, Revolution secured 8 Instagram posts that yielded over 81.7k impressions and provided Stream2Sea with high-quality reshareable content, further driving awareness and sales.

With the help of a strategic PR campaign, Stream2Sea was able to generate broad awareness, drive sales and establish a foundation for future growth and expansion.