Discover 5 Delicious Protein-Packed Recipes Powered by Naked Nutrition 

As an agency that lives our values, we prioritize health and fitness and believe it’s essential to our well-being. From choosing to eat nutritious meals to selecting thoughtfully made skincare to working out with Seattle Strength and Performance, SoulCycle, and Studio 45 Pilates, we practice well-being in various aspects of our lives. 

When it comes to post-workout fuel, our go-to is Naked Nutrition. Whether you opt for whey protein powder or vegan options, the variety is incredible; you’re sure to find something you love. Naked Nutrition recently added a new Peanut Butter Chocolate protein powder we think you’ll love. 

This protein powder gives decadent dessert vibes while also giving your body the protein and fuel it needs. We like to blend milk (whatever kind you prefer), greek yogurt, frozen banana, Naked Nutrition Chocolate PB Vegan Protein Powder, and if you have any, some extra peanut butter for a creamy, satisfying, and protein-packed snack.

Looking for other options? Naked Nutrition has lots of flavor combinations. Here are four more delicious smoothie recipes, catering to different taste buds and health goals. Whether you're craving a tropical escape, a post-workout pick-me-up, or a creamy coffee treat, get ready to blend your way to smoothie bliss!

  1. Tropical Paradise: Escape to the sun with this delicious and nutritious smoothie. Blend frozen pineapple, frozen mango, orange juice, greek yogurt, Strawberry Banana Protein Shake, and coconut milk. Now just close your eyes, take a sip, and imagine you’re on a warm beach! Feel free to add ice to reach your desired texture.
  1. Raspberry Reset: Berry lovers, unite! Everyone will enjoy this smoothie, whether you’re 10 or 70. Blend frozen Raspberries, frozen strawberries, Naked Nutrition Vanilla Whey Protein Powder, greek yogurt, a bit of honey and almond milk. Be ready for an antioxidant punch!
  1. Mocha Madness: Anyone needing a caffeine pick-me-up? Combine cold brew, banana, cacao powder, almond milk, and Naked Nutrition Chocolate Whey Protein for a creamy, energizing treat.
  1. Green Fiend: Start your day on a vibrant note with spinach, avocado, cucumber, greek yogurt, orange juice, and Naked Nutrition Pea Protein Powder for a nutrient-rich and refreshing sip.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With Naked Nutrition and your imagination, the smoothie possibilities are endless! You might also want to check out our favorite ways to stay fit and healthy and if you’re looking for some new snack recipes to try, check out these delicious vegan recipes. To discover more fun brands and companies, be sure to follow us on Instagram!