Summer 2023 Beauty and Fashion Staples

Our team is full of beauty, fashion and self-care lovers! We’re always on the hunt for new products to add to our daily routine, and excited to share our summer 2023 beauty and fashion staples. If you find a new favorite, be sure to let us know!

Find Me Now 

Find Me Now the Label is a woman and minority-owned fashion brand based out of New York! 

Find Me Now is rooted in creativity, they embrace a wearable-first philosophy, crafting unique, fashion-forward pieces that will bring your wardrobe to life. Their Instagram, @findmenowthelabel, has become our go-to source for outfit inspiration! 

They have a strong commitment to authenticity, they showcase their collections on real bodies of all shapes and sizes, prioritizing model diversity and never retouching bodies in their photos. 

We’re loving their current collection, here are a few pieces we are adding to our summer wish list!

Photo Credit: Find Me Now the Label website

Bathing Culture

We’re self-care enthusiasts, when it comes to pampering ourselves, Bathing Culture is one of our favorites! The products are so well designed and the brand prioritizes sustainability, a match made in heaven!

Bathing Culture was created to serve people and the planet by adventure seekers, who noticed conventional soaps were stripping their skin of moisture. Bathing Culture set out to create a product that would deliver the nourished feeling our skin deserves. The products are organic and biodegradable, crafted with natural scents and the best ingredients to ensure your skin feels rejuvenated and healthy. 

All of Bathing Culture’s products can be purchased with glass bottles so you can refill when you run out. Their plastic products are made with 100% recycled plastic, but if you prefer to avoid plastic altogether - you can head to one of their refillary sites to refill your glass bottles if there’s a location near you! 

Photo Credit: Bathing Culture website


We’re getting our summer glow on with Osea! Osea is a vegan skincare brand that’s been crafting seaweed-infused skincare for over 27 years. Their products take inspiration from the ocean and focus on natural ingredients.

Summer means it’s important to keep your skin hydrated, we love their hydration duo set, which includes their ocean cleanser and hyaluronic sea serum! The perfect combo for refreshing your skin after a day in the sun. For those moments when a blemish pops up, we love Osea’s blemish balm. It’s gentle and restorative on the areas of your skin that need some extra love! Skincare doesn’t stop at the face, their salt-of-the-earth body scrub is the perfect way to give your body some pampering at the end of a long day.

Photo credit: Osea website

Kiriko Made 

Kiriko is a lifestyle brand based in Portland! The brand focuses on bridging the gap between traditional Japanese style and techniques and Western aesthetics. Since its inception in 2013, the founders of Kiriko have aimed to honor the beauty of slow fashion in a society with increasingly fleeting trends. 

Kiriko holds a deep appreciation for mindful clothing production and consumption. They are committed to preserving craftsmanship, which is evident in their carefully curated collections.  

Here are a few of our favorite pieces for summer!

Photo Credit: Kiriko website

Alpyn Beauty

Alpyn Beauty is another favorite of ours! They harness the beauty and healing power of Wyoming’s wildflowers to create their products. Inspired by the resilience of these flowers thriving at high altitudes, the founder recognized their ability to retain moisture makes them the perfect ingredient for skincare!

Alpyn Beauty is the first skincare brand to sustainably hand-harvest wild plants at their peak potency. Alpyn seamlessly merges clinical skincare science with natural solutions to create the ultimate skincare routine infused with life force. 

We’re keeping their willow & sweet agave plumping lip mask in our bag all summer! For when our skin needs some extra love, we grab their pore-perfecting liquid exfoliator, it gives tired skin new life! To wash away the day we use their juneberry & collagen hydrating cream cleanser.

We love updating our routines and wardrobes to match the season. Our summer wish list is full of goodies, what are your favorite summer staples? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook!