Inspiring Travel Influencers

Travel inspiration and adventure can be difficult to narrow down when there are so many places to visit. Luckily, we put together a list of travel influencers who are pros at finding the most unique and immersive places in the world. From their awe-inspiring photography to their truthful storytelling, these influencers bring destinations to life and ignite a sense of inspiration within us all. Here are some travel bloggers and influencers that will inspire, entertain, and leave you longing for your next great adventure.

Lumadeline: Madeline Lu  @lumadeline

Madeline Lu is a renowned photographer and travel influencer who has captivated audiences with her vibrant content at fairytale-like locations. Her aesthetic photos and videos capture places in Greece, Africa, Italy, Switzerland, and more. Her P.O.V. style allows viewers to feel as though they are right there with her, experiencing the wonders of each destination. Madeline’s page also provides a detailed itinerary on her blog which has earned her a loyal following of 1.4 million users. If you are looking for unique secrets on stay, food, and hidden gems, Madeline is your girl!

Credit - Madeline Lu

Bonvoyagechloe: Chloe Wong @bonvoyagechloe 

Chloe Wong is a Chinese-Malaysian American and Seattle native whose mission is to share her multicultural perspective and appreciation for the history and beauty of cultures around the world. Chloe shares her experiences both nationally and internationally, where her content ranges from all continents but also includes close-to-home Washington getaways. Chloe can be seen performing graceful poses and ballet dances in front of the beautiful places she visits. Combining two of her passions is the kind of joy Chloe encourages her followers to embrace and invest in. Be sure to check out @bonvoyagechloe for a refreshing perspective on traveling and to see her gorgeous dance moves of course. 

Credit - Chloe Wong

Beyond_the_Bucketlist: Geena Truman @beyond_the_bucketlist 

Immerse yourself in the most niche cities in the world with Geena Truman, a captivating influencer who takes tips and tricks for traveling to new heights. With a unique focus on immersive experiences, she goes beyond ordinary tourist attractions and delves into traditional crafts in remote villages to participate in cultural festivals. Geena connects with local communities and shares their stories in a way that transports her audience. In her captions, she reports what she learned from her travels, plus how to be respectful and supportive of the places they visited. For detailed travel rules and tips, be sure to follow Beyond_the_Bucketlist and her meaningful journeys. 

Credit - Geena Truman

BonTraveler: Jessica Wright @bontraveler

Travel well and travel often. These are Jessica Wright’s words of wisdom when encouraging her followers to explore the world. Jessica’s blog and Instagram, BonTraveler, has an audience of over 121k that follows her coastal adventures along California and Mexico. From beaches to forests and deserts to cities, she shows her passion for authentic places to stay and travel. As an advocate for slow travel, her content inspires thoughtful and intentional journeys to new places. Although her expertise is mainly West Coast, she has begun expanding her adventures to new states and countries. Follow BonTraveler to see where Jessica ends up next!

Credit - Jessica Wright

theufuomo: Jessica Ufuomo @theufuomo

Jessica Ufuomo is a trailblazer in the Black community for travel and as a Black woman, Jessica not only travels for herself but for women like her. She is committed to diversity and representation in travel and has become a beacon for aspiring travelers of color. Through her captivating Instagram feed, she takes her followers on a journey across the globe to places like Japan, Sadi, South Africa, and Jordan. After each trip, she describes her experience and shares her tips on how to travel as a Black woman in other countries. Be sure to keep Jessica in mind for her empowering travel safety tips and colorful feed. 

Credit - Jessica Ufuomo

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