Meet Kennedy: Our 2023 Summer Intern!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Hi there! My name is Kennedy, and I am so excited to intern at Revolution! I just finished my final year at Gonzaga University where I studied Communication Studies, Public Relations, and Broadcasting. I am originally from Sacramento, California but have enjoyed exploring the P.N.W. for the past four years! I love going for hikes, gardening, and trying new foods with friends. This is my first time living in Seattle and I can’t wait to explore it! 

There are many PR agencies; why Revolution? 

Revolution stuck out to me because of its focus on sustainability. I have always been passionate about caring for our earth while finding new and innovative ways to protect her. I sought a company that wanted to create real change, and I found that Revolution does this with a tight-knit and collaborative team. These were important values to me when finding a PR agency that supports me as I grow in my career. 

What attracted you to pursue PR as a career? I started out at Gonzaga as a Communication Studies major and quickly discovered that I had a hankering for seeing the good in organizations around me. After understanding their goals and intentions, I wanted to support them however possible. For me, that was talking to others about how important a certain club or organization can be and showing that in creative ways. As I started to do this, I realized I wanted to understand how this could form into a career. I later added Public Relations and Broadcasting to my studies to help me fulfill this. 

We’re on a mission to do better, be better, promoting a better way to live.  What does this mean for you? Checking in with people! Simply asking friends and family how they are doing and paying attention to what is happening with them is vital to living a better life. Listening intentionally while letting them know they are supported and loved can change how people live their everyday lives. I want people to know they will always have someone to talk to, even if they think it’s the smallest of difficulties they are experiencing.

Is there a workout that you’re loving right now? Spin! I have always enjoyed going to spin classes and just this year I was able to teach classes at Gonzaga! A good sweaty workout is definitely my favorite mood booster these days. Fun music and riding to the beat have always made me feel energetic and excited to work out! Some of my favorite songs to spin to are Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani and Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift!

What media outlet (publication, podcast, blog, etc.) are you loving right now and why? I LOVE podcasts and especially finding new ones! I listen to the Toast every day and have recently been loving the Red Heads Book Club where they pick a book to read each month and discuss! But, one of my favorites always has to be the Slow Burn podcast.

If you had to choose one thing you are most passionate about, what would it be and why? 

My family! My two older sisters are my best friends and biggest supporters. Now more than ever, I lean on my family for support and try to do the same for them. Especially as I grow older, I have discovered how important family is to me and how to grow in those relationships as life changes. Showing love to the people that mean the most to you and checking in with them to make sure they’re doing okay is extremely valuable while living in the crazy world we do.