Meet Celeste: Our 2023 Intern!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Hi! My name is Celeste, and I am currently a senior studying Marketing, Strategy and Sustainable Energy at Boston University! Born and raised on Bainbridge Island in Seattle, Washington, I am passionate about my community back on the West Coast as well as the amazing ones I have found on the East. I love spending time with my lovely roommates, asking my mom and dad to send me photos of my dog, and exploring restaurants and cocktail bars around the city!  

There are many PR agencies; why Revolution? While there are many PR agencies out there, I wanted the company I work for to reflect the values that I hold myself accountable to. Revolution is a female-founded, honest, and unique agency that I could picture myself fitting into and becoming a real asset for. Unlike at larger agencies, I have insight into clients and am doing work that truly has an impact, which is important to me as I embark on my full-time career. 

What attracted you to pursue PR as a career? As I pursued my concentrations of Strategy and Marketing within my Business Administration degree, I discovered my desire to be creative, in a consumer-centric role working with brands that I loved and could relate to. Especially at Revolution, I am working directly with brands that I know and love, and that is something super exciting that differentiates PR as an awesome career. 

We’re on a mission to do better, be better, promoting a better way to live.  What does this mean for you? Breathwork! Destressing and being more present and centered is something I am always working on in my daily life. Being a full-time student, intern, and friend leads to a busy life and remembering the importance of connecting your body and thoughts to conscious breath has really been helping me!

Is there a workout that you’re loving right now? Hot yoga! I’ve been an avid yogi since my freshman year of college, and have been loving the hot yoga experience recently! It’s a detox for the body and soul, and something that I look forward to every day. 

What media outlet (publication, podcast, blog, etc.) are you loving right now and why? I just recently got into podcasts! My favorites right now are Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, The Psychology of Your 20’s, and Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd. 

If you had to choose one thing that you are most passionate about, what would it be and why? Definitely my family and friends. It’s important that I’m the type of person they feel like they can always lean on. They play influential roles in my life, and I want to do the same for them! Life is too short not to tell people you love and cherish them, so I always make it a point to let the people I love know how much I appreciate them.