5 Ways to Grow your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is a social media platform for building connections, showcasing expertise and providing a snapshot of your key wins/successes. That said, everyone is busy, so we’re sharing 5 ways to increase your LinkedIn profile strength with limited effort. 

Be consistent. Create a schedule and post regularly, even if that’s just 1x per week. LinkedIn is made for boasting about your professional accomplishments, so don’t be afraid to do just that! Include video and photo content with calls to action when you can. Images help break up your follower’s feeds and grab their attention. Personalized navigation start-up Proxi, sets a great example of LinkedIn consistency; sharing reviews of the tool, tagging collaborators and engaging with their network. 

Engage when you post. Engagement is crucial to boosting your profile and content to reach more eyes. Before and after you post, spend 15 minutes engaging, sharing comments on posts, clicking the most relatable emoji and thanking people who share or comment on your post as soon as possible. 

Encourage your network to engage with your content by giving them a reason to like, comment and share; ask their opinions and let them know you’re ready to discuss in the comments. 

If relevant, try to include links in your post, research shows updates with links report  45% higher follower engagement than updates without links. Remember to update the image accompanying your link to something high-resolution, eye-catching and relevant.

Take advantage of hashtags! As tedious as it can be, utilizing relevant or trending hashtags will help new people discover your profile. Finding the right hashtags is the key to success here. Research hashtags related to your industry, save them and then copy and paste them to every upload. Pay attention to the hashtags your industry colleagues use and make sure to include 1 or 2 post/topic-specific hashtags on each post.

These 5 quick and efficient ways will help grow your LinkedIn presence and strengthen your profile. Happy posting! For more social media insight, check out our piece on social media marketing trends in 2023.

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