Maximizing Press Coverage & PR Results

Getting a PR hit is exciting for you and your business, but it’s just the beginning! Your PR coverage will drive brand awareness, and increase web traffic, sales, and more. But it doesn’t stop there. Your initial PR hit is just the beginning. Make sure to follow these tips to capitalize on your PR coverage. 

Social amplification 

We always encourage clients to share their PR coverage on their company and personal social channels. Use high-quality graphics to show off your press hit when possible! It’s also a good idea to include a direct link to the article or a call to action so that your social media followers can easily find it and enjoy it themselves. 

If sharing on a platform like Instagram, create a story highlight titled “In the press” to save your story post of the press hit. Using phrases like “as featured in” is also very attention-grabbing. 

Website amplification 

Once you’ve got a few great press hits under your belt that you’re proud of, include them on your company website. A great way to showcase your press hits is to include logos of the publications you got coverage in under a title like “as seen in” on the homepage. Another idea is to include clickable hyperlinked graphics or coverage clips if you want to make your PR hits more fun and captivating! 

If you’re considering press hit amplification on a website, ensure your website has a strong SEO presence / searchability to leverage SEO boosts from media coverage. 

Leverage press coverage for MORE coverage 

Include national press hits in outreach to high-profile podcasts, submissions for speaking and award opportunities. These press hits will add credibility to you and your business. You can also leverage PR hits to secure opportunities with high-profile influencers or other influential people. 

Marketing materials 

Including your press hits in marketing materials where it makes sense is also a great way to maximize your coverage and build rapport with current and potential stakeholders. You can include direct links to the press hits or publication logos in newsletters, email marketing, partnership proposals, brochures, etc. If you want to really build excitement, distribute an off-schedule email blast to share your coverage! 

Physical showcase

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, framing and displaying your press hits in your stores, studio, or office can be a fun way to showcase your coverage. This is especially important if you have a business that primarily operates in person, like a gym or a store. 

If you plan to attend events like trade shows, include the coverage as a part of your booth decor. Signs with verbiage like “as seen in Allure” are captivating and immediately create a strong first impression of you and your business. 

What steps have you taken so far to maximize your press coverage and PR results? Do you plan to add any of these other strategies to your press hit amplification? Let us know on Instagram. We’d love to hear how you’re maximizing your press hits!