Three Tips on Landing a PR Internship

If you are passionate about PR and considering it as a career path, you might start by applying for a PR internship. Internships in any industry can be highly competitive and demanding. To successfully land a PR internship, consider these tips:

  1. Take classes that will challenge you

If you’re interested in PR, in your last few semesters of school, take classes that will help you in a PR career and will allow you to keep learning about this industry. Regardless of the school you attend, many PR programs have a variety of classes to choose from. Some will be more straightforward or repetitive but challenge yourself to take the classes that will make you work hard for your grade. Whether it's a class that focuses on speech writing and delivery or a semester-long project where you help a community nonprofit build a PR plan, be intentional about the classes you take. The more you push yourself in your degree program, the more prepared you will be to start a career in PR.

  1. Research the company you're applying for

While many public relations firms focus on similar tasks, each and every firm is different from the next. It's important to know the mission, company goals and company history before going into the interview or even applying for the internship. Many first-time interns will take any opportunity they are offered, but if you apply somewhere that doesn't align with your values and career goals and end up realizing that when it's too late, the experience will not be as beneficial as it could be. 

One of the first lessons you learn about the PR industry is the importance of honesty. PR professionals’ goal is to relate to the public and the only way people will trust you is if you're honest. When you represent a brand that you don't align with, it can be difficult to portray enthusiasm in an honest way.

  1. Highlight the most important skills and experience on your resume

Sometimes less is more. It can be difficult to pick and choose which experiences and skills to put on your resume, but the more specific you are, the more you will stand out amongst the competition. For example, listing "organized" underneath skills gives some insight about you, but most likely every other person applying for the internship is also listing that. Your best bet at beating the competition and standing out is having a killer portfolio. Instead of just listing "organized", give an example of a task you did that shows your wonderful organization skills. If you have multiple examples, choose the strongest. Bogging down your resume with too many words can make the document unapproachable and overwhelming. You want your interviewer to be able to learn about you and your experience quickly and efficiently. In addition to the resume, oftentimes you will share written work with a possible employer. In the world of PR, a major (and often the most important) way in which you will communicate will be in the form of writing. By highlighting compelling written work in your application, you assure your employer of your ability to tell a story. It also shows your ability to be persuasive and innovative. Make sure your writing samples speak to the industry that your potential employer targets.

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