When to hire a Public Relations firm

From businesses just launching to those that have been around for years, PR is an important tool for building, expanding and legitimizing brands – but when is it the right time to engage a PR firm? This blog post helps you determine the right time to hire a public relations firm.

There are a handful of tried and true questions that can predict your readiness to partner with a PR agency. Take a few minutes to ask and answer the following honestly. If you answer yes to at least three, exploring a PR partnership may be the right next step to growing your brand:

Is it time for PR? It is if you have…

  • A compelling, timely story to tell
  • A new brand or product to launch
  • A new brand direction or focus
  • A desire to communicate to a specific audience
  • A team who understands or is willing to learn the value of PR
  • A dedicated point of contact for your PR team and the time to maximize results
  • A product, service or point of view that demonstrates value or solves a problem
  • Happy, referenceable customers or clients
  • A spokesperson who likes to tout the value of your company and products

If you answered “yes” to more than three, it’s time to get clear on specific goals and what you’re trying to achieve before engaging an agency. 

Once in conversation with a PR agency, they will help you define the ideal start date based on relevant trends, seasonality and timeliness of an announcement or launch for reaching your goals and successfully promoting your brand.

Is it the right time for you to hire a public relations firm? If you’re a sustainability or value-based service or retailer in the fitness, health, food, beverage, beauty, apparel or home industries, we may be the perfect match! Give us a shout to explore a partnership at connect@revolutionpr.com

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