Top 5 Sustainability Podcasts To Get You Inspired

Looking for something new to listen to? What about some fresh inspiration and info centered around sustainability? Whatever’s your jam, we’ve got you covered with five podcasts worth checking out and lending your ears to. 

  1. Green Dreamer

A pod made for all, Green Dreamer sets out to inspire listeners to explore new ways of combating ecological destruction, dehumanization, and disconnection. Speaking with diverse experts and thought leaders, Host and Author Kamea Chayne helps audiences dream up what could be when looking to create a sustainable world.

  1. Living Planet

Each week, Living Planet discusses stories impacting our environment from around the globe through a diverse range of perspectives. From food waste and natural disasters to Bitcoin and everything in between, this podcast takes a wide-ranging look at the ways we impact and are impacted by our environment every day. 

  1. Conscious Chatter

Conscious Chatter takes a hard look at fashion systems, diving into processes big and small throughout the entire industry. Host Kestrel Jenkins speaks with guests to unpack the deeper meanings and impact behind what we wear to promote ethics in fashion and spread positive change.

  1. The Climate Pod

Hosted by brothers Ty and Brock Benefiel, this pod covers the issues at the heart of the climate crisis like biodiversity, misinformation and the use of resources. Speaking with leading experts in how politics, economics, activism, science and social justice intersect with issues of sustainability, they help listeners better understand the threats facing our planet.

  1. Sustainability Defined

Defining sustainability, one concept at a time. This podcast works to help listeners figure out what the broad term really means. Speaking with thought leaders and experts, Hosts Jay Siegel and  Scott Breen unpack ideas both big and small to include everything from sustainable weddings to infrastructure and the rising of our seas.
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