How To Secure An Internship in Public Relations

Are you majoring in Communications, Public Relations or Marketing and interested in a career in PR post-grad? Trying to navigate which path is right for you in this industry can be a challenge. However, with the right connections, skills and passions getting an “in” at a PR agency is simpler than you think! Here are a few tips on how to get your first PR internship and begin a career in public relations.

  1. Take the right classes

Identify and select PR related classes your university offers. They’ll likely be in the communications or marketing departments. Some examples of courses include “Intro to Social Media Management,” “Strategic Communication Writing,”, “Media Studies,” as well as classes that focus on understanding the media, social media, digital marketing, etc. Some universities and colleges also offer PR certificates. All of these topics cover important aspects of PR and will come in handy at your first internship or position. 

  1. Update your credentials

A huge part of any professional industry is presentation! PR is all about storytelling– starting with how you tell your own story. This means you should update your LinkedIn (or create one if you don’t have one yet!), and complete your profile with relevant experiences you have professionally and academically such as a prior internship or certificate. 

Tip: When writing your bio, run some searches on what other PR professionals are using as their bios to get inspiration. 

In addition, when applying to PR internships, most agencies will ask for a few writing samples so it’s smart to have a portfolio ready to go! One way to do this is to  create a free website with a short bio about yourself and incorporate a few writing samples. These can be pulled from assignments you’ve done for school or other relevant internships / work experiences you may have completed. Definitely include a link to this in your resume!

  1. Find opportunities and pitch yourself!

One of the most important aspects of PR is being able to write and send a great pitch! Show off your writing skills and pitch yourself to the agency in an intro email (or cover letter if it’s a job listing). For the most part, agencies (including us!) accept intern resumes year-round, so crafting the perfect intro pitch about yourself is a crucial way to make sure you stand out as a candidate. 

In your pitch / cover letter, reiterate any PR, digital marketing and social media skills you already have that are listed on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Additionally, include why you want to work for that specific agency. Do you love their clients? Did someone recommend this agency to you? Share your passions and how they relate to that agency, and why you would be a great addition to the team. For us, a passion for living a sustainable lifestyle, some prior experience, taking initiative and your approach to reaching out to us sets candidates apart! 

Interested in an internship at Revolution PR? Send your resume and pitch yourself to us at! We also welcome any other questions about PR, internships, and more -  DM us on Instagram @revpr. We’re eager to help the next generation of talent succeed!