Our Team’s Favorite Holiday Traditions and Memories

Happy holidays! Can you believe it’s already Christmas time? To get in the festive spirit, our team reminisced on some of our favorite holiday traditions and memories. Check out what makes this time of year so special for us: 

“One of my fave holiday memories is the year I got a bike from Santa. I was 6. As for traditions - ours are steeped in spending time with family, good food, making cookies and always a Christmas Day walk” -Jen

“My favorite Christmas tradition is watching Elf with my mom. Whether it’s just the two of us, or if we are surrounded by family that year, we always make sure to sneak in a viewing and still laugh at the same parts.” -Delaney

“One of my favorite memories is driving around with my family looking for Christmas lights on houses. I love seeing the displays cheering things up, especially when the landscape can look so gloomy this time of year. It always makes me feel a sense of community/togetherness!” -Emma

“My favorite tradition is making brunch with my mom and sister on Christmas morning! We go all out making wayyyy too much food and take the best post-present naps while watching White Christmas as a family.” -Carolyn

“My favorite memory is baking Russian Tea Cakes with my grandma. I still carry on the tradition every year as a way to reminisce on those moments and, of course, eat delicious treats. We used to always make an extra "grandpa-only" batch because he was the only one who liked nuts in his Russian Tea Cakes, while the rest of us would eat them without.” -Megan

We are so excited to take some time off to relax and create new memories with our loved ones, and hope you are able to do the same! Share your holiday plans or fun memories with us on Instagram @revpr