3 Sustainable Halloween Costumes

Spooky season is upon us! As Halloween quickly approaches, we’re on the hunt for quick and easy costume ideas made with things we already have at home. Using what’s already in our closets helps to limit textile waste, saves us money and is SO much fun. Here are three sustainable costumes with things you, probably, already have at home.

Tip: If you do need to buy something for your costume this year -- try the thrift store for a more sustainable option!

1Movie / TV Show Character

Have a movie or show you just couldn’t get enough of this year? Copy your favorite character’s outfit for and keep all your friends guessing who you’re dressed as!

There's so many costumes to choose from in this theme! Need some inspo? Toss on a white dress and go as Masha from Nine Perfect Strangers, or throw on some khakis, suspenders and a breton cap to be The Rock in Jungle Cruise!

2. WFH Employee

This is one we all have down! Pop on a button-up shirt, some pajama pants and you’re good to go. (Bonus points if you wear slippers!)

To take this costume to the next level, go all out with hair, makeup and jewelry on the top half and throw on your scrubbiest, most well-loved PJ’s for the bottom. The best costumes are sometimes the simplest!

3. Tennis Player

Have a tennis racket laying around? You can probably make this cute costume! Grab any shirt and a tennis skirt or shorts. Add a baseball cap or visor then tie a sweater around your shoulders. Finish with your racket for a super easy look!

Tip: These costumes works across so many sports! To be a basketball player, just grab some basketball shorts and a ball. If you’ve got them, elevate the look with sweatbands!

What’s your sustainable costume going to be this Halloween? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter! Check out our other blog posts for more costume ideas and ways to celebrate Halloween at home.