7 PNW Food & Beverage Companies You Must Try!

The Pacific Northwest is truly every foodie’s heaven. With its incredible restaurant scene and our access to the freshest local ingredients, we feel incredibly lucky to call this place home. But we’re not the only ones who feel this way! Check out these local food and beverage companies to support before the rest of the world finds out about them too! 

  1. Honey Mama's 

Honey Mama’s is not your standard chocolate bar. Made out of five primary ingredients including organic raw honey, organic cacao powder, and organic coconut oil, these bars resemble a decadent and fudgy truffle! Interestingly, while Honey Mamas may taste like chocolate, since they do not contain cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, they can’t be classified as ‘chocolate.’ It is hard to describe the unique yet deliciousness of a Honey Mama’s bar so you’ll just have to try one yourself! Our favorites are the Tahini Tangerine and the Coffee Nib Crunch.

Image via @honeymamas on Instagram.
  1. Rock Grace

As we mentioned in our 2021 Lifestyle Trends blog post, there’s been a huge boom in non-alcoholic spritzers and beverages. What’s not to love about them? They taste delicious, replicate that feel of a traditional cocktail, and even have added health benefits! All without that nasty hangover-- sign us up! Rock Grace is a Seattle-based non-alcoholic elixir and wine alternative company that is currently taking off. The elixirs are not only sugar, gluten, calorie, preservative, and sweetener-free, they are also packed with adaptogens made to calm and relieve stress. 

Image via @rockgrace_ on Instagram.
  1. Stumptown Coffee

There was no way we could write a blog post about PNW food & beverage companies and not mention Stumptown Coffee. What used to be our best-kept local secret is now a national (and international) treasure! With different roasts to satisfy everyone’s coffee preferences and only the highest quality beans, Stumptown provides the smoothest and most delicious caffeinated experience. The company even released pre-packaged vegan and lightly sweetened cold brew cartons in partnership with our favorite oat milk brand - Oatly! 

Image via @stumptowncoffee on Instagram.
  1. Nuun Hydration

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are all about promoting an active and balanced lifestyle. Nuun Hydration reflects those beliefs and was the first-ever company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates. Essentially, their tablets are the perfect water addition for extra hydration minus the sugar and chemical additives. Perfect for during or post-workout, Nuun tablets come in many different flavors and even different benefits such as immunity or rest.

Image via @nuunhydration on Instagram.
  1. GroundUpPDX nut butter

GroundUp not only creates the most delicious and unique nut butters, but they are also based on an even better mission we fully support. Their goal is “to remove employment barriers for womxn overcoming adversity by providing job training and mentorship through a social enterprise that produces healthy and delicious nut butters.” We love all their flavors but the Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Almond, Cashew, and Coconut butter is a MUST try! 

Image via @grounduppdx on Instagram.
  1. Kelly’s Jelly

The perfect pair to a good nut butter is an even better jelly! Kelly’s Jelly boasts unique preserves and jams you won’t be able to find anywhere else. What all started at the Lake Oswego Farmer’s market is now sold in all Fred Meyer and QFC locations, plus many other vendors across the country. Famous for their habanero and pepper jelly’s you truly can’t go wrong with any. Of course, we can’t lie, we’re a little bias to the Oregon berry jams like Tayberry and Marionberry!

Image via @kellysjellyoregon on Instagram.
  1. Bob’s Red Mill

Okay okay, we can’t act like Bob’s Red Mill is a PNW secret. Their national presence is definitely felt but their story and mission are too pure not to share. The whole grain mill company was founded by husband and wife duo, Bob and Charlee Moore in the 70s in Milwaukie, Oregon. The company has exploded and you can find their oats, granola bars, and grains in almost every supermarket across the US. The company is still 100% employee-owned and you can even stop at their flagship store for a full Bob’s Red Mill Restaurant and Bakery experience during non-covid times! 

Image via @bobsredmill on Instagram.

Have you tried any of these brands before? What was your favorite? Or maybe we’ve inspired you to go try something new! Let us know on our Instagram or Twitter. For more foodie articles, check out our favorite vegan spots in Seattle or our take on the best plant-based burgers on the market