Valentines Day Gift Guide 2021

Local, women-owned and BIPOC businesses to support 

There’s nothing better than the gift of love! Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated solely if you have a significant other but as a day to spread love and kindness to those you care about in all aspects of your life. Though giving and receiving gifts will never be more important than spending time with loved ones and being present, they are a great way to show affection if that isn't possible this year or simply as a way of expressing gratitude. Here are a few of our recommendations:

French Squirrel Valentines Day Berets

Here at Rev, we’re all about supporting small women-owned businesses. Sydney’s energy bites are made with the highest quality and nutrient-dense ingredients while remaining absolutely delicious. We can’t get enough of all the flavors but we’re particularly excited to try her newest, limited edition creation: Strawberry Granola Butter Berets in partnership with Kween Granola Butter!

Image from on Instagram.

App Subscriptions

Trying to cut back on consumerism or spending money on chachkies? Try gifting a subscription to an app. Waking Up with Sam Harris is our go-to for a quick 10-minute morning meditation to start our day on the right foot. The Five Minute Journal App is another great option for those looking to get into the habit of practicing gratitude and positive affirmations but are short on time. Finally, if you’re looking to branch out and try something completely new, try the Grace Space Hypnosis App. We know you might be skeptical but Grace has a way with words we can’t describe. You’ll just have to try it out for yourself! Finally, the StretchIt App is a great way to incorporate gentle movement into one’s life without having to commit to exhausting and stressful workouts.

Image from @stretchitapp on Instagram.


For Her 

Specifically, looking at what to get for your female significant other? We’ve got you covered! Skincare is always a safe bet. Female-led, non-toxic and all-natural, any and every product from Untamed Humans will be a hit. We’d recommend the “Love Untamed'' bundle if you don’t know where to begin. Want to branch out and show your creative side by picking out clothes for her? The OULA Company is a great place to start with beautiful handcrafted and sewn garments. If you aren’t ready to fully commit to trusting your fashion judgments (even though you shouldn’t be nervous, it’s the thought that counts!) jewelry is another way to express the thoughtfulness of handpicking and personalizing a gift. We’re currently obsessed with everything from Catbird and Adore Adorn (BIPOC owned).

Image from @untamedhumansskincare on Instagram.


Virtual Experiences 

With most of society still shut down, we won’t be gifting typical in-person experiences this year. Nevertheless, there are now so many creative and unique virtual experiences sure to excite anyone. Airbnb has a whole list of Valentine’s Day offerings. From learning to Tango by Artenginian experts to making those fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes taught by a professional chef, you can truly travel anywhere from the comfort of your own home. 

Chocolate & Flowers

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include the most classic Valentine’s Day gift out there. Timeless for a reason, we don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be happy to receive a bouquet of beautiful flowers and delicious chocolate truffles. For our fellow Seattlite readers, Pike Place Flowers has same-day deliveries and Valentine’s Day specials. Fran’s is our go-to female-owned and sustainability-driven local chocolate shop. If anyone wants to send us a surprise gift, we wouldn’t complain if Truffle and Caramel Heart Box showed up at our door! 

Image from @franschocolates on Instagram.

Bubbly & Booze

There’s nothing better than bonding with someone over a nice glass of champagne or wine (if you’re over 21 of course). We wanted to highlight two of our favorite black-owned wine companies to support this Valentine’s Day. Maison Noir Wines makes an incredible Rose incorporating the aromas and flavors of strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, and kiwi. Alternatively, the McBride Sisters Collection has curated Valentine’s Day sets that are currently on sale!

Image from @mcbridesisters on Instagram.

How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day? Cozied up watching Rom-Coms or maybe a long hike with loved ones? Let us know on our Instagram and Twitter