Best Podcasts to Keep you Entertained and Informed

As it seems like we’ve run out of good movies and TV shows and watching too much negative news is draining, we’ve gravitated toward podcasts to keep us entertained and informed during this time. Read on to check out our current favorite podcasts!

The Michelle Obama Podcast: This much-anticipated podcast release did not disappoint! In the former First Lady’s debut episode, she and President Barack Obama discuss life, love and relationships that shape us -- a must listen!

The New York Times’ ‘The Daily: As the name suggests, this podcasts shares new episodes every weekday that dives into an important current event and shares an overview of global news

Seattle Credit Union’s ‘What You Need When You Need It: a bi-monthly podcast by SCU sharing advice on how to improve your financial health and giving insight into relevant topics affecting Seattle. Listen to their latest episodes, ‘Making ends meet amid COVID 19’ and ‘Empowering Entrepreneurs & Small Business

Unlocking Us with Brené  Brown: If you’re looking for motivation and advice on personal growth, this podcast is hands-down one of the best out there. Brené ’s episode with Tarana Burek on Being Heard and Seen stuck with us the most, we could listen to it every week. 

Brains On! Science podcast for kids: NPR’s Brain’s On teaches children of all ages about science and technology -- a great option to put on during a family road trip! In the episode ‘The world of tiny robots.’ kids learn about robots small enough to sit on the tip of your finger and smart enough to take in information and make decisions on their own

The goop Podcast: We’ve always been fans of the goop’s podcast, but their July 2nd episode titled ‘Thinking Like a Rocket Scientist’ interviewing Ozan Varol, a former rocket scientist and now law professor especially stood out. He shows how approaching problems with a beginner’s mindset helps people challenge the status quo, regain curiosity and solve problems to create change. 

The New York Times’ ‘Rabbit Hole’: In a fascinating eight-part series, NYT tech columnist Kevin Roose explores the depths of the internet, social media and their impact on people and policies

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: With this podcast, JVN has brought us the laughter and the positive energy we needed while diving into lots of topical discussions about politics / hot button issues, with so many interesting celebs, doctors and experts as guests

What are your favorite podcasts right now? We’d love to hear from you on Instagram and Twitter!