6 Ideas for Small Businesses during COVID-19

All small businesses are feeling the effects of the coronavirus in some ways. And it seems that for most, the effects are negative. To some extent that’s true for us too. The other side of this promises to shape us in a way that hopefully improves the way we do business, resets expectations for employees and deepens gratitude for peer to peer and client to vendor relationships.

It’s not going to be easy and each day is going to be filled with ups and downs. But together as a connected business community, we will get through this, and emerge stronger.  

Here are 6 ideas we’re thinking about for other small businesses: 

  1. Identify and apply for all relief efforts you qualify for! This may sound simple, but we’re hearing small businesses being daunted by the process or reluctant to pursue because of the required documentation. We’ve explored all of the options and are here to help you navigate the process, including submission if you need it. Email us at connect (@) revolutionpr.com. 
  2. Consider finding ways you can help businesses stay busy during this time. For example, we’ve heard of restaurants baking bread for stores, coffee shops marketing themselves through donations, individuals and businesses making masks, provide your service to build a future strategy. 
  3. Leverage this time to plan for the rest of the year AND beyond. When’s the last time you looked at your business plan? If it’s been too long, now’s a great time to dust it off, update and plan for your business future. 
  4. Check-in on processes and practices that need improving and create a checklist for tackling them. This will help ensure you’re ready to be effective and efficient when business resumes, and it will.
  5. Write down 5 ways you’ll adapt your business to meet the needs of customers post-COVID-19. The environment will be different. People now have a sense of time they didn't have before. How can you help them protect that time? Technology has paved the way for enhanced communication. Can you schedule weekly Zoom calls instead of in-person meetings? 
  6. Notice the positive impact this crisis is having on the planet! We’re seeing unpolluted skies in areas like Los Angeles for the first time in years.  Think about how you’re reducing your impact on the climate now, and how you can continue to maintain it in the future. Perhaps you allow employees to work remotely two or three days a week. You might power down your office every night. Maybe you’ll purchase fewer items that need to be manufactured, finding new ways to remember tasks or share a presentation. 

We hope you find these ideas thought-provoking or helpful. If you need a consult on business strategy or communications, please reach out. We’d love to hear your ideas too! And, we’re curious: what are you most worried about right now?