New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Our office has mixed feelings about making New Year’s resolutions but unanimously agree that most are sadly, broken before they can take root and become a new routine. This year, we’re striving to find and share the New Year’s resolutions that make such a positive impact, you won’t want to quit them. 

  1. Banish the snooze button. Not only is it not helpful because those brief stints of sleep are not restorative, sometimes hitting snooze is a sign that you aren’t getting enough sleep, and not paying attention to this sign can negatively impact all facets of your life. Plus, we all agree that rising when it’s time makes us feel better and offers a more productive morning.  Here are 5 reasons to get up early, according to Business Insider. 
  2. Breaking up with plastic. Each week, news stories articulate the many ways in which plastic is damaging the environment and its inhabitants, including us.  This year, we’re striving for no single use plastic consumption. We anticipate this will not only yield positive feelings, but also save us money and potentially serve to influence someone else’s habits.  Hello trendsetter! 
  3. Making meditation a priority. While we’re not saving lives everyday, the stress associated with pressing deadlines, meeting goals and the nuances of our job can take a toll. By establishing a practice of daily mindfulness or meditation, managing stress and anxiety will become much easier.  It doesn’t have to be the same everyday. Sometimes just a quiet five minute walk to clear your mind is the perfect solution.
  4. Keeping a gratitude journal.  With messages abound about what you should have or should be doing, it’s easy to forget about what you actually have. Taking five minutes a day to reflect on what we have is proven to make us happier - a feeling you won’t want to let go of. 
  5. Eat local: We’re striving to eat more locally-grown food. It not only tastes better and is better for you, but it’s also much better for the environment than regularly buying food from around the world. We are lucky to live in a place that has an amazing variety of local foods and we’re excited to take advantage! 

We’d love to hear what you’re planning and any feedback you have on our focuses for 2020! Share with us on Instagram and Facebook.