Happy Holidays from the Revolution Team!

Happy holidays from the Revolution team! We wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season.

We have reflected on 2019 and are now sharing a few of our holiday wishes for 2020 below: 

  • My dream is for more Seattleites to use public transportation in 2020 (and for the city to continue funding public transportation despite that I-976 vote in the local election) – I think we’re too reliant on cars. 
  • More personal for me and something more “attainable” is going to see Crater Lake this year. Despite living in Oregon for 18 years, I’ve never seen it and want to go camp near the lake this summer 😊
  • My hopes for 2020 are practices for more wholehearted living with a return of joy, innovation and routine changes for reducing single-use plastic usage.  Maybe Starbucks could kick this off with a global campaign to encourage people to bring their own reusable cup! Less meat consumption for the planet. More business awareness and action around sustainable and ethical sourcing and practices.
  • These days, we live so much of our lives online or through our phones. Technology is a great way to connect people who wouldn’t otherwise have a way to connect. However, I hope that in 2020, people will set their phones aside and be more present when they are together in person.

What are your wishes for 2020? Let us know on Instagram and Facebook.