4 Sustainable Influencers Who Inspire Us

As 2019 comes to an end and we enter into the New Year, we are all working to change our habits and live more sustainably. We’re constantly looking for fresh and creative ideas for how to reduce our environmental footprint. That’s why today, we’re sharing four sustainable influencers who inspire us to put the planet first daily! 

Image from @nonlocal.joy on Instagram


Allison, the woman behind @nonlocal.joy, is a watercolor artist and thrifter who shares her journey of transitioning into a low-waste, low-impact lifestyle. She posts simple DIY projects and recipes to help others along their journey to a more sustainable livelihood.

Image from @sedonachristina on Instagram


Seattle local, Christie of @sedonachristina, shares low-waste, vegan and slow-fashion tips and tricks on her Instagram page, YouTube and podcast, “Into Intentional.” Christie focuses on teaching people to live intentionally by being mindful of what they consume and how they shop. Through her channels, she emphasizes the fact that low-waste living does not need to be expensive and that it has helped her save significantly over the years.

Image from @sustainyoself on Instagram


Twin college students, Geevie and Sophia, share zero-plastic, low-waste, and plant-based life hacks. The duo posts DIY recipes for natural and waste-free beauty products and partners with sustainable brands to share their solutions with their followers. The duo has also created their own all-natural, zero-waste beauty brand where shoppers can purchase deodorant, lotion, tinted lip balm and more!

Image from @plantedinthewoods on Instagram


Rachel and Scott Johnston use their incredibly aesthetically pleasing Instagram page to share all things DIY, natural and waste-free. Although they acknowledge that the best way to live waste-free is to recycle and upcycle products that you already have, the New Mexico-based couple also partners with brands that can help their followers jumpstart their low-waste journey.

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