Vegan for a Week

vegan for a week

In honor of Earth week and my own personal preference towards a plant-based diet, I decided to take my family vegan for a week – a task more easily accomplished pre-kids.  My son likes dairy a lot. Read: all he eats is cheese and (insert carb).  My daughter is easier to please, but cheese is still pretty central to her diet.  This was not going to be an easy task, so I enlisted the help of one of my favorite bloggers, Amber St. Peter, the author of Good Saint, for her top recipes to take my picky family vegan for a week.

Breakfast, as it turns out, is not that hard because we usually eat avocado toast, a smoothie + fruit or cereal.  Amber, suggested this easy chickpeasy breakfast burrito, which was amazing, and a new favorite for brunch or brinner (breakfast/dinner), when I have more time.

My favorite recipe for the fun factor, and suggested as lunch, is Amber’s vegan Fluffernutter sandwich. Her post linked has the juicy details on the origin of this sandwich.

This was my first time using aquafaba, the liquid from canned beans. It has a distinct scent, and as we were mixing it, I wondered if it would deter my son from trying it.

But, it didn’t! While our vegan fluffernutter sandwiches did not look as good as Amber’s, the kids loved them.

The idea of a vegan dinner was daunting until I saw these two recipes, which paired with some basics like pasta and red sauce and taco night with vegan cheese made the week deliciously simple.

Amber’s In-n-Out Copycat recipe for the Double Double no animal style is legit, and now a family favorite.

Here’s my version using Macrina’s Brioche buns. No animals had to die for this amazing burger! You can see the sauce was a winner.

Our vegan for a week challenge was a great experience, and now we’re on a more plant-based diet path, which for me, aligns with my preference for plants and a sustainable future.  Will you try it? If you do, share your favorite recipes!

A special thanks to Amber at Good Saint for serving as an inspiration and sharing her gorgeous photos. Mwah!

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