You need to know TerraCycle

As an environmentally-minded person (family and company owner), I keep a pulse on what’s happening to improve the way we use, consume and dispose of goods and materials. This Fast Company article about Loop, a new zero-waste platform that launched its first pilots this year to deliver our favorite products in packaging that can be reused 100 or more times, inspired me to sign up for the (not yet determined) Seattle launch and also introduced me to TerraCycle. More on Loop later...

TerraCycle strives to #recycleeverything, especially those hard-to-recycle materials with a range of national easy-to-use recycling platforms. TerraCycle is also a partner behind the Loop project. 

As an avid recycler who’s also aware of the reality of recycling materials that can’t really be recycled (they end up in the ocean or more hopefully trash), I found myself in a conundrum over what to do with small plastic items like contact lens packets and the drink pouches prolific at my daughter’s soccer games. This led me to TerraCycle’s collection programs, where you can recycle so many difficult to deal with items such as:

  1. Energy bar wrappers with Clif Bar 
  2. Razors with Gillette 
  3. Kids glue sticks and bottles 
  4. Stuffed animals! 
  5. Drink pouches
  6. Pet food pouches 
  7. Daily contact lens packaging 

And so many more items. 

Our family is on a mission to eliminate waste, while being conscious recyclers.  As a family of four, we currently have the smallest trash bin available and seek to eliminate that in 2020.  A change in buying habits coupled with innovative companies like TerraCycle and Loop will get us there.

Have you heard of TerraCycle? What other recycling, sustainable programs should we know about? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook