Our Favorite Fitness & Wellness Influencers

When we’re not getting our sweat on from Evan Arbour’s full-body workout at Barry’s Bootcamp, we look to our favorite influencers to help us stay accountable even on our busiest days! They help us keep our workout routine fresh, complete much-needed stretches, and find delicious and healthy recipes that can easily fit into our jam-packed schedules!

Check out who the team is currently getting their inspiration from below.

“I really love @mynameisjessamyn, because she's redefining what it means to be a health & fitness influencer while also igniting important societal conversations and cultivating a truly inclusive space” - Sarah

Rachaels Good Eats is Zaina’s fav! “I love how simple she makes her workouts seem, allowing those who are just starting their fitness journey, along with those who are already at that stage, feel comfortable doing them! Her recipes are also so delicious! If you haven't already, try the cookie skillet and her healthy nutter butters – thank me later!” 

Carolyn is inspired by Suzie B Fitness full workouts. “She inspires me to try new things at the gym I wouldn’t normally try. I also am currently obsessed with  @broccyourbody because she is super real with her followers and posts a good mixture of recipes (which are both healthy and delicious), workouts and lifestyle content!”

The whole Rev team is using the Bodypeace app, founded by wellness guru Lizzie DeLacy! It perfectly complements the variety of workouts our team does, we’re currently loving the wrist workout after our 6am team Soulcycle rides!  

Let us know where you get your fitness and wellness inspiration on Instagram and Facebook!