Our Favorite Fitness Influencers and Home Workouts

The past year has seen home workouts and fitness influencers take off. With everyone being stuck inside and people having more time to work on themselves, it’s clear to see why. From TikTok’s viral Chloe Ting Challenge to in-person studios like OrangeTheoryFitness and Rumble Boxing making classes available online, the options of what workout to do are truly endless! 

Check out who the team is currently getting their inspiration from below.

“I really love @mynameisjessamyn, because she's redefining what it means to be a health & fitness influencer while also igniting important societal conversations and cultivating a truly inclusive space” - Sarah

Image via @mynameisjessamyn on Instagram

Melissa Wood Health is our intern, Delaney’s fav! “Melissa’s workouts are amazing because they are low impact and quick, but you really feel results! Melissa is positive and uplifting as a coach, and she prioritizes building a community around her platform.”

Image via @melissawoodhealth on Instagram

Carolyn is inspired by Suzie B Fitness’ full workouts saying, “she inspires me to do new workouts that I wouldn’t normally try. I also am currently obsessed with  @broccyourbody because she is super real with her followers and posts a good mixture of recipes (which are both healthy and delicious), workouts and lifestyle content!”

Image via @broccyourbody on Instagram

Rev’s newest addition, Megan, loves the SELF Magazine workout challenges. These challenges are a great way to stay accountable and not have to think about what workout you’re doing next. They are all perfectly planned out for you! Megan’s personal favorite so far has been the Better Together Challenge.

Image via @selfmagazine on Instagram

Our other intern, Mya loves Caroline Girvan’s Youtube videos and programs. “Caroline has the motivation and strength I aspire to have when I am older! She is so dedicated to her subscribers and I am amazed by her 100% free programs that have seriously whipped me into shape during quarantine.” 

Image via @carolinegirvan on Instagram

The whole Rev team loves the StretchIt App as a cool down after a sweaty workout. Recovery and working on flexibility are almost as important as the workout itself and just a quick ten-minute cool down is a must in our routine.  

Image via @stretchitapp on Instagram

Let us know where you get your fitness and wellness inspiration on Instagram and Facebook! Want more fitness inspiration? Check out some more of our favorite influencers here!