Top Studio Workouts

Our favorite and least favorite studio classes

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As an agency, we love to bond over weekly team workouts. There is something special about getting to know your co-workers while pedaling uphill to Katy Perry during a 6 a.m. SoulCycle class. Starting off the day with a good sweat before the sun comes up gives us the boost of energy we need to power through our busy day. We’ve found that working out while most of the city is still hitting snooze brings us a sense of serenity, plus it’s an added bonus that traffic is nearly non-existent (is that even possible in Seattle anymore!?).

While we all enjoy staying active, we choose to do it in our own unique ways. We are proud to be a team who will try just about anything once, so we’re giving you the inside scoop on the workouts we LOVE....and the ones we might not jump out of bed at 5 a.m. for (insert shrugging shoulders emoji).  


Favorite: As someone who gets bored easily when it comes to working out, I love HIIT classes that incorporate a ton of variety. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I love a good (non-heated) yoga class – rather than focusing on getting through the class as with more intense workouts, I enjoy the opportunity to be more mindful and focus on each pose’s stretching and strengthening benefits in the moment.

Least favorite: Literally anything that features running as a core component. I love some quality cardio, but when it comes to running Ann Perkins said it best: “I know it keeps you healthy, but god – at what cost?!”


Favorite: I love hot yoga and hot pilates. Most recently I have been going to Breathe Hot Yoga in Capitol Hill. The heat opens my muscles making the stretches and poses easier to hold and maintain. I also appreciate the balance of being able to feel relaxed while also working out my core.

Least favorite:

I am not a fan of anything HIIT. While I love the intense sweat sesh that comes with a HIIT workout, the blaring music and crowded room of people makes me feel a tad bit anxious.


Favorite: I love Les Mills classes. My favorite two are Bodypump and Zumba. Bodypump for strength training and Zumba for fun cardio. When I’m in those classes I forget about everything else and just let loose. It is my “me time.”

Least favorite class: Yoga. I’m not very flexible and sitting in a class makes me more anxious than calm.



I only run because classes take more time with travel/etc. and my open window to workout is different every day. I’m hoping next year to get back into hot yoga. I love the sweat, flexibility and strength it gave me, and how it would warm up my body temp. I also miss the community aspect.


Favorite: My favorite type of workout class is the one where you get a two-fer. In my life right now, if I can sweat and get an inspirational therapy session all in one 50-minute class, I’m in -- hello SoulCycle. I also enjoy HIIT like Barry’s, or other large muscle movement classes that make me feel more kid-like and so strong.

Least favorite:

I struggle to enjoy classes like Barre where it’s founded in tiny, repeated movements. It feels constrained and monotonous. I also struggle in Bikram yoga because the heat makes me feel like I’m suffocating.



CorePower Sculpt: It’s hot yoga, plus a weights class all combined into one sweaty hour!! I love the feeling of leaving a class knowing I worked really hard and sweated out every single toxin possible.

Least Favorite:

Barre3 or Pilates: I know that working on tiny muscle improvements is important, but I usually walk away from the class feeling like I didn’t actually workout. I love feeling strong, which is why my favorite types of classes are more HIIT style like Orange Theory, Barry’s Bootcamp, and CorePower Sculpt!

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