Come See This Movie With Us, Friday’s Child Debuts During National Foster Care Month

At Revolution, our team values the importance of acting on causes we believe in. From trying to reduce our daily waste in the office in order to protect our environment to working with companies whose core values focus on promoting inclusiveness, we understand the vital role action plays in catalyzing positive change in society.

This May is National Foster Care Month and we are excited to be promoting the premiere of the film Friday’s Child, which debuts  in theaters on May 7.  

Produced by OnBuzz, a social impact filmmaking company, Friday’s Child cast includes Tye Sheridan ("Ready Player One"), Imogen Poots (“Green Room”) Caleb Landry Jones (“Get Out”) and Jeffrey Wright (“Westworld”) who tell the courageous story of a young boy facing the challenges of adult life as he “ages out” of the foster care system.

OnBuzz’s unique approach to social impact films combines awareness and activism, enabling viewers to be a part of the solution through their ticket purchase--where $1 for every ticket purchase goes to non-profit beneficiary, Ticket to Dream Foundation.

Having partnered with brands who support foster kids by hosting donation drives and events, we’ve learned a great deal about the plight of our nation’s foster children and recognize the power we have as a community to ensure they have the essential items needed to be successful and combat a difficult path as these statistics show:

Over 20,000 foster youth “age out” of the system in the US each year. Of these,

  • Only 50% have graduated high school
  • 70% will be pregnant by 21
  • Nearly 40% experience homelessness
  • Foster children suffer from PTSD at twice the rate of war veterans

Ticket to Dream, one of our favorite organizations, works with over 200 non-profit foster care partners, corporations and communities to fill essential needs and fund support programs for foster youth “aging out” of the system to increase their odds of success as adults by reducing homelessness.

This year, we are actively supporting causes we believe in and would love for you to join us. In addition to the donation by purchasing a ticket at, there are other ways to help support this amazing cause. Would you help us spread the word by sharing with your friends or community in social? #fridayschild, #tickettodream

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