10 Ideas to Make Earth Day Every Day

Today is one of our favorite days because like birthdays, Christmas and personal holidays, it encourages us to pause to think about someone or in this case, something, in a more meaningful way.  As we acknowledge that many of our actions have changed Mother Earth negatively, we’re reflecting today on the way we can use action to have a more positive impact today and every day, knowing that the best gift we can give her is our awareness and willingness to do something different.

  1. Stop using single use items – and if you need to, figure out a way to make it a double use. As an example, if I get a plastic bag from take-out, I’ll re-use it as a garbage bag.
  2. Get a reusable coffee mug! We did it for shopping bags. Make it your new habit to have one handy. We love Healthy Human.
  3. Support new building initiatives – make your voice heard by choosing to live in more efficient homes and buildings
  4. Say good bye to zip-lock bags. There are tons of other options from reusable containers to these compostable bags
  5. Choose no meat at least one day a week or maybe for the year like Sarah did. This Cookie & Kate blog and Forks Over Knives (I love the app) will become your new go-to for recipes
  6. Walk or bike instead of drive – or use public transportation if you like to meet interesting new people
  7. Consider a wardrobe capsule filled with staples and rent trendy items from Rent the Runway
  8. Turn off your lights – it’s so simple
  9. Reduce and reuse is so much more important that recycle in this phrase reduce, reuse, recycle. See what’s happening with our glut of consumption that we recycle.
  10. Reduce food waste and reuse the waste! In a conscious effort to reduce food waste, I started to commit to using everything I bought – finding ways to smoothie or juice it or make fried rice with whatever was left. Not only do we throw less food away, but I started saving $10-20 a week – you do the math! Courtney shared that she also uses her coffee grounds to fertilize plants or make a face mask.

Finally, it feels like there are so many things we can do to play a role in supporting the health of our planet.  Thanks to awareness, education and conscious brands, the opportunity to make Earth Day every day is a reality. What will you commit to do this year? Share your commitments with us on Instagram or Facebook!