Hotel Sorrento Introduces “Love Letters”

When texting, emails and DMs comprised of emoji-strings and acronyms are the day-to-day norm for most of us, Hotel Sorrento is providing Seattleites and hotel guests the opportunity to slow down and connect (or reconnect) with those important to them in a meaningful and tangible way.

In anticipation of Hotel Sorrento’s 110th anniversary as a Seattle beacon of romance and history, the PNW mainstay is excited to debut Love Letters - a program encouraging patrons to put down their phones and celebrate love in all its forms.

Beginning this month to coincide with National Letter Writing Month, the hotel is inviting guests and community members alike to pen handwritten letters of love, appreciation, admiration, praise, encouragement and gratitude utilizing complementary Hotel Sorrento-provided stationery, and let the hotel send on their behalf.

Tell us - who would you send a letter to? Chime in on Instagram and Facebook.