Your Skin is no Joke!

It’s April Fools Day….which means we believe nothing and trust no one….except our skin care products.

At Revolution, we are a playful bunch and believe that laughter is the best medicine. However, there are some things we will never joke about - particularly, our skincare products.

Why do we take our skin so seriously? Being the largest organ on the body, our skin provides a barrier from harmful outside factors including UV rays, diseases, chemical substances, environmental damage and more. Sometimes we take for granted how hard our skin works to keep harmful things out of our body, which is why we should work equally as hard to choose products that are not harmful to it. Choosing non-toxic, natural skincare products is an important step in protecting and nourishing your skin.

Here are a few of our favorite non-toxic products and brands:

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Face Mask

“Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Face Mask is my skin savior! It helps keep my face moisturized and glowy. Seriously don’t know how I let my skin live without this before!” - Zaina

Credo’s Alpyn PlantGenius Line-Filling Eye Balm

“It’s the perfect consistency to stay put, keeping the area hydrated and protected all day long.  Plus it has a touch of a brightening effect, and is of course, free from toxins and harsh chemicals that often cause eye irritations.” - Jen

Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream

“I have been loving the texture and hydration of this moisturizer. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t make my skin feel oily or heavy. I also love it because I actually know, and understand all of the ingredients! No harmful chemicals and it’s 100% vegan.” - Courtney

Origins A Perfect World SPF 20 Age-Defense Eye Cream with White Tea

“As someone who applies sunscreen vigilantly, I wish I could scream from the rooftops how vital it is to your skincare routine, especially around your eyes. I love how lightweight the formula is and that it doesn’t irritate my skin.” - Darby

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