Our Favorite Travel Destinations and Necessities

Our team loves to travel and prioritizes it for the opportunity to expand our perspective, experience new things, people, and ways to live, and, of course, to recharge - taking a break from our daily routines.

Commonly, we talk about our desire to explore to places, the standbys we could visit every year, how we survive the drying (and germ filled) plane ride, and those things we would never leave home without. 

Since this is the time many seek a retreat from the winter weather, we’re sharing a few of these favorite places to go and items to always take with you. 

Away we go!

Zaina’s favorite place to travel is Jerusalem.  She says, “I could live there just so I could walk through the Old City every morning! There’s so much history and culture. Even with all the political and religious conflict, the Old City is still one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The mosque, church and Wailing Wall are all side by side and I enjoy walking down the cobblestone road. I love that no cars are allowed in the Old City either, so you can just stroll through the cafes, street fruit vendors and shops. During the summer, it’s really hot, but I don’t mind it because you can drive over to the Dead Sea and take a dip.”

Shauna loves exploring Las Vegas’ “Old Vegas”. She says, “the fact that everything is open so late really vibes with my night owl tendencies.”

Courtney’s favorite place to travel is San Francisco. “I fell in love with the city the first time I went and I’ve been back three times since! It feels like Seattle but with more sun! I love the history and colorful homes and buildings.”

Angie’s top spot to get away is Vancouver. While just a short drive away, she says, “you can feel a world away in this international city.” She enjoys running the Seawall around Stanley Park, Kitsilano beach, huge beach front outdoor pools in Kitsilano and Stanley Park, and amazing vegan restaurants, like Meet in Gastown, Heirloom and Dharma Kitchen. She also enjoys shopping the local boutiques in Gastown and staying in the Coal Harbor area—a short walk to it all.

Sarah’s favorite PNW getaway is Vancouver, BC! She shares her “love of the culture, diversity and the mix of indoor and outdoor events happening at any given time, from art exhibits to markets to shows (some of my favorite bands have Vancouver roots!). Plus, the Gastown neighborhood has my favorite ice cream of all time (heyyy Soft Peaks, lookin’ at you).”

Jennifer loves to travel anywhere and feels she has a lot more to explore. A few of her favorite spots include Paris for its romantic vibe, culture, art, people, style, and pastries.  Palm Springs for the hiking (Joshua Tree), warm, dry heat and modern architecture.  And, Maui for just being alive in nature – sand, water, land, repeat.

And for a staycation, we love Hotel Sorrento for true retreat from our city life. When you enter, get ready to feel like you’ve been transported in time. Succumb to a place where enjoying music, slowing down to sip a cocktail and nibble on french fries, and creating meaningful connections with the people you’re with and those around you is natural – even what’s expected. Hotel Sorrento’s European feel makes you think you’ve left without getting on an airplane.   

Don’t leave home without these!

Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask by style and beauty influencer, Marianna Hewitt after a long flight offer replenishment and hydration

Acure under eye masks are perfect to use the first night after you travel to perk up tired eyes

Four Sigmatic’s Hot Cocoa for the plane ride. Just get a cup of hot water from the flight attendant and enjoy

A great Spotify playlist

The All Day Duffel by Lululemon. It’s the perfect carry on size and easily slides under your seat or in the overhead bin. Plus it has enough pockets to keep everything you need organized i.e. travel documents, laptop, chargers, a change of clothes and most importantly, snacks.

Snacks like Krave’s Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky and Trader Joe’s Simply the Best Trek Mix, which consists of cashews, almonds, dried pineapple, cranberries and tart cherries, and cut apple slices with lemon (for the vitamin C).

A great book, like How to Walk Away, Nine Perfect Strangers, Witchelm, The Water Cure, and Sugar Run.

A Lifefactory glass water bottle. So many places have great drinking water.  With this in tow, you can save money and mother earth by not purchasing plastic water bottles.

Evan Healy chapstick is the best lip moisturizer EVER!

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