Why We Support JDRF

As an agency, giving back to our community is one of our core values. We believe it can be just one person that makes huge change, and that in strength in numbers we can show each other that we care, that we strive for the positive change that will help to create a brighter future.     

One cause near and dear to our hearts is Juvenile Diabetes. Approximately 1.25 million Americans live with type one diabetes (T1D), including about 200,000 youth and more than 1 million adults. Everyone around the world either lives with diabetes or knows someone who has it.

In T1D, the pancreas cannot produce insulin, a hormone that helps glucose reach the body’s tissues. The body’s immune system attacks its own beta cells. To this day, the cause of T1D is still not fully understood. Scientists believe that both genetic and environmental factors can play a role. Organizations like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation are spreading awareness and education, as well as raising funds to invest in research to help find a cure to the disease.

Earlier this year, we walked in Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes, hosted by JDRF, to support one of our own, and everyone living with T1D. The event brings together thousands of participants to raise money and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes.

Zaina has been living with T1D for 13 years. For her, there are no days off when it comes to managing diabetes and at times, it can feel very exhausting, so it is comforting and inspiring to see people come together for Beat the Bridge. She says “it’s nice to know that you aren’t alone in this.”

We truly admire the sense of community and the support from everyone present at the event, including the runners, the walkers and the volunteers. And it was so much fun!

Find us at Beat the Bridge next spring, maybe doing the run! And join us in helping JDRF come another step closer to finding a cure.