Our Favorite Travel Tips

As a team, we can all agree that we possess our fair share of wanderlust. Traveling to new places, learning about different cultures and finding local gems in our beloved Seattle is a shared hobby of ours. For those of you planning one last vacation to cap off summer, here are a few of our favorite travel tips that will help you prepare for your next getaway.

First things first: travel snacks! We recommend bringing your own snacks when traveling to avoid unhealthy and expensive airport options. Fresh fruit, HippeasHarvest Roast Pumpkin Seeds and Eating Evolved’s Coconut Butter Cups are a few of our favorite snacks to bring along. When we need some healthy travel meal and snack inspiration, we look to Rosie Tran from Kale in the Clouds.

Sturdy and reliable luggage is key. IT Luggage has durable AND trendy pieces to complement any style and any destination. Trust us, you’ll want to carry them everywhere, possible even when you aren’t traveling!

Whether we’re road tripping or hopping on a flight, we bring an empty water bottle to fill up at airports, gas stations and rest stops. One of our favorites is Healthy Human. These BPA free bottles in a variety of fun colors and sizes. Plus, they keep your beverages cold (or hot!) for hours on end.

Flying can dry out your skin, so make sure to stay moisturized. We always have Evanhealy chapstick on hand, even when we are not flying. These eye masks and this Acure face sheet keep us looking refreshed and dewy. Put them on 30 minutes before landing and you’ll feel fresher than ever!

Make sure you’ve prepared all of your toiletries and liquids in travel size before heading to the airport. We always try to do this the night before so we don’t feel rushed when getting ready for travel.

Getting a stretch or yoga flow in before leaving and upon arrival is essential. We’ve been using YellowWillow yoga mats, made from micro-fiber suede from recycled plastic bottles and natural eco-tree rubber. When you’re on the road, don’t forget to get out of the car to stretch at rest stops. It's also important to get out of your seat on an airplane every hour or so to keep your circulation flowing and your joints from stiffening up.

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