The Kombucha Boom

This year, sparkling water—specifically La Croix—stole the beverage show, but 2018 will be kombucha’s year to really shine.  From farmer’s markets to neighborhood cafes and national groceries stores—beverage cases are well-stocked with so many kombucha brands, and in our view, the best are coming out of the west! Additionally, restaurants are coming on board too, serving kombucha on tap. I’ve been drinking kombucha for more than 10 years, GT’s Multi-Green almost exclusively, until very recently.  With so many delicious new and unique flavors today, I’ve been mixing it up more than ever. Here are my new favorites: While GT’s multi-green is still my go-to since it packs super-green nutrition, I also like GT’s new Heart Beet flavor. Plus, I love that I can find this leading brand (out of L.A.) wherever I am traveling. Speaking of traveling, I keep the fridge stocked with Kombucha Town’s (Bellingham, WA) tall cans for when we are on-the-go to the beach or park. I’m always looking for ways to eat or drink more turmeric, which is why I love Portland-based Dr. Brew’s new Turmeric-Ginger flavor. It’s tart, earthy and not to sweet or overly spicy.

Photo courtesy of Mystic Kombucha

Of course all kombucha can boost your immune system, but Seattle’s Mystic Kombucha’s potent immunity-boosting tonic is made with a special combination of herbs to help you conquer cold and flu season.  And it works! I buy it at our local farmer’s market. Humm (Bend, OR) and Revive (Sonoma County) have the prettiest bottles and most sophisticated and original flavors making them my go-to for wowing dinner guests. Revive’s Craft Cola is convincing, and I also love the refreshing Cucumber, Mint, Lemon ‘Spring Fling’ and ‘Free Ride’ Hibiscus Fruit.  Humm’s Blueberry Mint is always crowd-pleaser. After a fun-filled boozy summer, I’m cutting my alcohol intake this fall, and with kombucha on tap all around Seattle (finally!!), it’s been easy.  My husband and I love that we can get Humm at our new favorite vegan joint, Next-Level Burger, and Mystic at our go-to neighborhood place, Meet the Moon, or CommuniTea at Café Flora, and Kombucha Town when we visit family in my hometown. Drink to your health and look for these brands and others at your local market and favorite restaurants. Let us know what your favorite kombucha is on Instagram or Facebook.