Skincare in Your 20s, 30s and 40s

skincare It’s no secret that a consistent skincare routine is an important part of maintaining a healthy glow. Personally, I find it calming to have a skincare regime to start and end the day. It forces me to take a few minutes to myself and enjoy a little mini spa treatment at home! We’re breaking down our favorite products to use in our 20s, 30s and 40s and sharing our daily routines. 20s The last few years have been all about experimenting with skincare and establishing a routine. Any routine- and sticking to it. My skincare regimen is relatively simple, but I don’t deviate from it even for a night. Morning: For starters, I don’t wash my face in the morning. I find that my skin is significantly less dry when I preserve the natural oils. I do start my morning with a spritz of rose water and massage it in with a cotton ball. Next, I hydrate. I start with MyChelle Argan Oil and put it all over my face and neck. Then I use the ACURE Eye Cream. Finally, right before applying makeup, I use a sunscreen, like this Daily Defense Sunscreen by MyChelle, all over my face and neck (yes, I sit in an office most day, but you can never be too careful). Night: To remove the bulk of my make-up, I use the ACURE Coconut Argan Oil wipes. Then, I wash my face with a cleansing oil. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of hydrating facial oils. Most nights, I simply repeat my morning regime and apply the MyChelle Argan Oil again, followed by the ACURE Eye Cream.
30s I have been using Eminence Organic Skincare for 10 years. It is such a great line for in your 30s. The one trick I’ve learned for my skin is that day or night creams don’t work nearly as well as an eye cream, so I splurge on a good eye cream and use it all over my face. Eye creams last longer than you would think! My justification is that a natural brand’s eye cream is still more affordable than buying La Mer and works just as dramatically for me. Morning: I start with a serum in the morning like the Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum and put it all over my face, followed by Rosehip Firming Oil or when I’m out, simply coconut oil. Then I finish with Tropical Vanilla Body SPF 32 (Eminence has face SPF lotions but I prefer the larger size and hydration of the body lotion on my face and neck. Plus it smells like vacation!). On days when I'm going to be outside I will top with the Tinted Mineral Powder, SPF 30+ for a little color and extra all-day SPF coverage. Of note, the Vanilla Body SPF has shea butter and is quite moisturizing. I often wear it without the oil first, but when my skin is dry, I use the oil first. Afternoon: I am addicted to this Herbivore Mist with coconut, rose and hibiscus water. It gives my skin an instant moisture and antioxidant boost, and wakes up my senses too. Nighttime: I remove my mascara with coconut oil and then wash with Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating Cleanser. When I’m on-the-go I love Acure’s Coconut Argan Oil wipes. Nothing absorbs into my skin and fights wrinkles like a good, potent eye cream, so I use my favorite eye cream of the moment all over my face at night. For an affordable option, I like Dermae Hyaluronic Eye Cream. I am also testing the rejuvenating eye cream from BeautyCounter with wild algae right now and it is working great. From Eminence I love the Herbal Eye Cream.
40s My skin is dryer than it used to be so I’m more apt to use a lot more moisturizing products than ever before, and even double moisturize. I also feel like I need to have active anti-aging ingredients to maintain my skin’s health and appearance vs. using what feels or smells good. I found that varying my routine has for the first time ever been a positive thing. Morning: Vitamin C is essential. My favorite is C is for Collete. I follow it with a light, but soothing moisturizer. This aloe-based product is my current favorite. And follow with SPF. I’m using Arcona Reozone 40 with a tint, but there’s a lot of natural options I also like including Suntegrity, MyChelle, Evan Healey, and Coola.  EYE CREAM is so important. I like this one right now and this one is great for on-the-go. I also press this oil over my make-up. It smells divine and gives me a nice glowy look that I think distracts from wrinkles ;) Nighttime: Retin-A is key – but the actual scripted product is too much for me, so I like this one followed by a moisture rich peptide cream. You can see I’m kind of obsessed with MyChelle right now. I also add a few drops of this or if my skin needs healing help, I love adding Vitamin-E. And of course, eye cream! What are your favorite skincare products? Let us know on InstagramFacebook and Twitter!