Our Favorite Ways to Unwind

relax There are so many days when I look at the time and can’t believe that the day is almost over. Between work, picking up dry cleaning, phone calls home to mom and dad, the pedicure that’s long overdue, trips to the gym and household chores, it’s so easy to let a whole day go by without taking a moment to ourselves. I find that when I prioritize time to unwind and relax, I not only feel better but I actually get through my tasks for the day more efficiently. Here are some of my favorite things to do when I’m in need of a little down time. Take a bubble bath Grab your favorite bath soak (here are a few of ours), light a candle, play some music and relax. It’s tempting to use this time to answer emails or scroll through Instagram, but try putting your phone down and really letting go for a while. Create an at-home spa night You don’t have to spend a ton of time or money at a spa to enjoy the benefits of a spa-like experience. Diffuse some lavender essential oil in your bathroom and give yourself a mini facial. Put on a detoxifying face mask, exfoliate with a brightening scrub and end with a hydrating facial oil. Read a book Not emails, not the Skimm—an actual book. Getting lost in a good story is one of the best ways to unwind. Here are a few reads that we’ve been loving lately. Try a new recipe I’m definitely not talking about walking in the door at 6:30pm to quickly throw dinner in the oven. Set aside some time to find a new recipe and enjoy the process of cooking. If cooking isn’t your thing, find a new café and spend an hour having lunch by yourself (cell phone free!). How do you prioritize time to relax? Let us know on The Reveal or on Facebook and Instagram!