For Every Mess, KIDS ‘N’ PETS

We’re no stranger to messes in our lives. Coffee stains at 8am (the WORST), sweat marks when you decide to walk to work, lunch that ends up on your new pants and even make-up that never fails to end up on the collar of your shirt. In our office, we reach for KIDS ‘N’ PETS, a non-toxic, enzyme-based stain and odor remover that actually gets rid of the stain and ODOR, and lets you get rid of the myriad of other (presumably toxic) cleaning supplies you have that claim to clean up the wine spill, grass stains, cat pee… you get the vibe.

Here are a few ways we use KIDS ‘N’ PETS Instant All-Purpose Stain and Odor Remover: “I’m embarrassed to say that I have pretty stinky running shoes. Spraying them with KIDS ‘N’ PETS and washing them every few months really does the trick!” – Sarah “I use it for everything! In the laundry to freshen a whole load, to spot clean stains and odors on clothes, carpets, drapes, the couch. My kids even know to use it if they get a stain on something.  They think it has magical powers. My secret is that I use it for dry clean only clothes to freshen them – armpits, stains, etc.” – Jennifer “I have many pets and use KIDS ‘N’ PETS when they have accidents on my carpets. It gets rid of the smell and any stain that is left after cleaning it up!” – Meagan “I love wearing white, but have a hard time keeping things white. KIDS ‘N’ PETS has saved my outfit on more than one occasion – from white tops to pants and shoes, it’s worked on everything!” – Shauna “I live with three of my best girlfriends which means frequent wine nights, where spills are inevitable and late night ice cream stains. I’m a little ashamed how frequently KIDS ‘N’ PETS saves the day in our house!” – Alex How do you tackle life’s biggest messes? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram!