The Women Behind Powerful Women

We love any excuse to celebrate our moms. From dusting-off scraped knees, to sending us off to college and offering the one-of-a-kind advice that only mom can provide, they have influenced our lives in so many incredible ways. This Mother’s Day, our team is sharing how our moms have impacted us as professional women. My mom definitely instilled a hard work ethic in me. Not only did she lead by example but also communicated how important it was to do the less glorious work in college through internships. This way I could do what I really love later. Not only did those experiences shape me as a person, but also in my professional life.  –Alex My mom’s go-getter, can-do-anything attitude made me feel invincible growing up, ultimately giving me the courage to start my own business. Her active, helpful nature shaped my interests and most importantly, how easily and deeply I connect with people. –Jennifer My father passed away when I was five leaving my mother to raise two very young children. She is my best friend and whole world and she has taught me to work hard no matter what, to continue to push for greater and better things, to always stay educated and to be a strong and independent woman. –Meagan A little known fact – my parents met because my mom was my dad’s boss. She jokes that the first thing she did after they started dating was get him a raise – ha! My mom has influenced me in so many positive ways throughout my life. But as a professional, her unwavering wisdom on being brave, doing your best and always being kind have really stayed with me.  –Shauna If you go anywhere with my mom, chances are you’ll end up in a 30-minute conversation with someone she met just a few minutes ago. My sister and I complained about it growing up, but the truth is that she’s taught me that you’re never too busy to be kind to everyone you come into contact with throughout the day. It’s a lesson I remind myself of regularly in my professional life. –Sarah   What’s the most important lesson your mom has taught you? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram!