Three Tips on Landing a PR Internship

Interested in a PR internship? Our winter intern, Jeevika, is sharing her tips for success. You can learn more about Jeevika here If you are passionate about PR and considering it as career path, you might start with applying for a PR internship. However, just like everything else in the PR world, these internships are highly competitive and interviews can be demanding. To successfully land a PR internship, consider these tips:  
  1. Become a social media expert
  If you’re interested in PR, chances are you’re already a social media hound. Make sure this is blatantly obvious when you apply for an internship. Ask yourself – are you active on most mainstream social media channels? Are you aware of current trends? What tactics have you used to increase impressions? What is your story? The way in which you brand yourself says a lot about how you’ll succeed in the PR world. If you have no previous PR experience, have your resume show that you’ve managed social media for a club or organization before. Highlight all your social media accomplishments, familiarize yourself with the social media profiles of the company you are applying for, and be able to bring ideas to the table!  
  1. Develop a background in communications
  Everything you do in PR revolves around building and maintaining relationships. You’ll have to communicate with different kinds of people through various mediums. Having a consistent voice, alongside being patient and persistent, is key to finding success in the PR world. Join a club, organization or project to build your interpersonal and communication skills. When applying for a PR internship, spend some time conditioning your resume and cover letter to show examples of how you work well in a team, organize yourself or have customer service experience. At the interview, be a good listener and ask specific questions. Remember, PR involves multitasking, and you must be someone who can think quickly on their feet and meet deadlines. By conveying yourself as stable and active in your interactions (both verbal and written), you give your employer the confidence that you are a master communicator they can rely on in any situation.  
  1. Highlight your strongest writing samples
  Your best bet at beating the competition and standing out is having a killer portfolio. In the world of PR, a major (and often the most important) way in which you will communicate will be in the form of writing. By highlighting some compelling written work in your application, you assure your employer of your ability to tell a story, and tell it well. It also shows your ability to be persuasive and innovative. Make sure your writing samples speak to the industry that your potential employer targets. If there isn’t a target industry, present a diversity of samples. As a poet and journalist, I like to highlight my vast writing background by sending a samples of my strongest blog posts and interviews alongside longer features or reviews. Screenshots of successful tweets or social media posts are also great additions. You can always go one step further by hosting your portfolio on a personal website and providing a link on your resume. To hear more industry advice from our team, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!