Nighttime Skin Addictions

nighttime skin addictions I’m not immune to falling victim to the latest and greatest beauty trends (collagen has become a key ingredient in my morning matcha latte). From beauty dust to facial oils, there is always a new trend (and someone like me who’s eager to try it). Regardless of the trends, there’s no doubt that a consistent nighttime routine is important for maintaining a healthy glow. Here are a few of our must-have products. Masks Sometimes your skin needs a little extra TLC, and a mask often does the trick. We love the ORIGINS Drink-up Intensive overnight mask and the ACURE the Magical Wonderfluff Overnight Hydrating Booster Mask for some serious hydration while you sleep. For a deep clean before bedtime, we layer on the ORIGINS Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask after cleansing and before putting on any serums or moisturizers. Oils and Serums Whether you’re looking to replenish, rehydrate or tighten your skin, chances are there is a serum that is designed to do just that. For nighttime, we’re obsessed with moisturizing serums. The MyChelle Advanced Argon Oil serum is light enough to wear day or night. For extra sensitive skin, we love evanhealy’s Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir. Moisturizers With so many options, choosing a moisturizer can be overwhelming. Pacifica Tunisian Jasmine Lime Body Butter is our favorite for full body moisturizer (plus it smells amazing!). And a few spritzes of evanhealy’s Heart of Summer HydroSoul will leave your face feeling refreshed. For the thin skin around our eyes, we turn to ACURE Eye Cream – it’s extra hydrating for those days when our dark circles get the best of us. What are your nighttime skincare essentials? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram or connect with us on The Reveal.