New Year, New Routine

With the New Year comes a lot of pressure to start doing things better. This often means doing less of something – less bread, sweets, coffee and so on. A resolution like this is so harsh! I can’t count how many times I’ve done a (very restrictive, not fun) cleanse right after the holidays to kick off the New Year right. This year, I’m trying something a little different. Continually inspired by our cultural movement for self-care, I’m resolving to do more, not less – more calm, happy and ease. I’m starting with a daily routine to slow down when I need it most, which happens to be the hardest time to take a break – right in the middle of a busy work day. Our new client Pinky Up Tea makes it easy and fun to take a moment to recharge. With gorgeous accessories and unique dessert tea flavors like Tiramisu, it’s a treat to take a tea break – plus you can’t rush tea! 5046_enviro1 hibiscus-rose-hip-tea What will you do more of in the year ahead? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram!