Our Thanksgiving Traditions

Every year our team takes a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for, and for many years, we’ve shared them with you.  This year, I was curious about traditions and customs people had. In thinking about my own family, I found a new tradition taking shape and wonder how I might impart something extra special on it – something my kids will pass on when they are my age.

I asked our team to share their traditions and found them to be so simple, and fun, and at the end of the day, being mostly about spending time with those you love. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


Every holiday, including Thanksgiving, is celebrated at our beach house on Camano Island.  Rain or shine, we all gather in the little house, bustling around the kitchen while the littles skip rocks on the shore.  Built in the 1900’s, the house is known to bring both family and friends together to celebrate life’s moments. We give thanks around the table as we all have many blessings to share. – Portia

Our favorite thing to do as of recent years (now that we are vegetarian too), is to go out to dinner for Thanksgiving.  It feels so special and festive. The food is delicious and we get to spend the day playing instead of cooking in the kitchen. Café Flora is our spot! – Angie

My Thanksgiving tradition has slightly transformed over the years. When I was little, every Thanksgiving morning I would go downstairs and sit on a kitchen stool in front of the TV and my mom would curl my hair as we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade together. When I reached high school, we often found ourselves getting ready in the same mirror during commercials of the parade. Since going to college and moving away from home, I can’t go a Thanksgiving morning without having the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on while I’m getting ready for the day’s festivities. Even though I may not spend Thanksgiving with family every year, the tradition of watching the parade while getting ready lives on. – Alex


My Thanksgiving tradition has gone from being me and my mom having a small dinner or eating out to celebrating with my husband’s family, including three grandmas, two grandpas, my brother-in-law, and kids.  The meal is largely traditional, but infused with healthier recipes like my famous kale salads and more vegetarian options.  It’s a secret to my family, but I’m bringing a new tradition to the table this year with Bissinger’s 3lb chocolate turkey – and small hammers and chisels so everyone can take a swing at their piece of dessert. – Jennifer 


Coming from a massive family that’s scattered all over the country, my favorite tradition is that everyone is required to come home for Thanksgiving. It’s the one time a year we’re all in the same place! – Brenna

My tradition is to be untraditional and do something new every year. One year, I went to Vegas with my significant other. Another year we went home to my family’s house, and another year we hosted a quiet dinner for friends. I’m thankful to have the flexibility in my life right now for my Thanksgiving tradition to be whatever it needs to be for that year. – Shauna

Our family tradition starts with an early Thanksgiving dinner, usually between 1-2.pm. Afterwards, we clean up and then play games, including Jenga and Yahtzee. More often than not, after games we all go back for seconds! The day after Thanksgiving, we always begin the process of decorating for Christmas. We listen to Christmas music, burn holiday scented candles and pull out all the decorations. This continues for the rest of the weekend! – Meagan

What about you? Do you have a tradition to share? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!