Treat Yourself with Bissinger’s!

Work days can be long and busy, making it so important to take a moment to slow down and enjoy life. Thanks to our newest client, Bissinger’s, we’re reminded that a really good piece of chocolate is the perfect way to treat yourself. Born in Paris 350 years ago, Bissinger’s was originally crafted for European nobility like King Louis XIV. Today, the chocolates are still handcrafted in small batches using original recipes from master chocolatiers. Trust us when we say this chocolate is amazing. It’s rich, perfectly sweet and fit for a queen (or at least that’s how we feel when we indulge in a couple squares). bissingers_1 We’ve tried every flavor, and while they’re all delicious, our office is split 50/50 on a favorite. Half of us love Coffee Toffee and the other half can’t get enough of the Coconut Caramel bar. However, we’re all in agreement that the Gummy Pandas are incredible. bissingers_2 Find Bissinger’s chocolate bars at local QFC, Fred Meyer and Metropolitan Market stores. And bonus – get the gummies at Starbucks! Follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more of our favorite treats!