Here’s What We’re Reading

What were reading With a few trips on the horizon and summer right around the corner, we were inspired to take an office poll on what everyone is reading.  Here are a few that we captured – along with why it was chosen, what the reader wanted to get out of it, who the reader will share it with and who it’s a perfect fit for: Bad Feminist – Shauna’s pick Bad Feminist has been on my to-read list for a while – that title is so clever, poignant and true for the women of my generation as we ask ourselves questions like “can I still call myself a feminist if I dance to Jay-Z’s music, which kind of objectifies women?” I like that the author writes from a place that all women know, but we rarely hear outside of our own heads or at least not beyond happy hour with girlfriends – reminiscing on the funny, but truly embarrassing experiences we’ve had and the valuable lessons we’ve learned from them. I will share it with my best friends and sisters. I’d recommend the book to any woman who thinks being branded a Feminist has become an insult. Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire – Brenna’s pick I chose it because I loved the author’s other book, Why French Women Don’t Get Fat. I like that it is unlike other business books – incorporating food, travel and style tips along with work advice. This is the perfect book for someone in a leadership/management role (the author was CEO of a large company) or someone starting out in their career. Who do you Love  – Corinne’s pick I chose it because I was looking for a quick beach read while I was on vacation in Key West. The reality: I read a third of the book on vacation and the other two thirds before bed at home. This book isn’t remarkable, but it is entertaining. I give it 3 stars. I usually share my reads and get recommendations from my best friend, Beth. She always has a few books going at one time and has great taste. She and I both enjoyed The Princess series, a biography about a real Saudi princess, and of course, Girl on a Train. Let's Pretend This Never Happened  – Jennifer’s pick I was looking for a funny read and initially searched a recommendation from Cup of Jo for a Mindy Kaling book that suggested I might also like this book. I bought both books, but started with this one and read it in a few nights. It’s a hilarious, light read that details her life from growing up in the small town of Wall, Texas to getting married and having her daughter. There are some true laugh out loud moments – one of my favorites having to do with decorative couch pillows. I shared it with Shauna for her trip to LA and another girlfriend who was asking if I had any recommendations for light, funny reads. It’s a girl book for sure – perfect for several of my friends who’ll enjoy her raw humor. What are you reading? Please share your recommendations with us on Facebook!