Do I Need PR?

Frequently friends, colleagues, and clients refer other companies or businesses to me when they indicate a desire to grow or when someone else tells them to hire a PR firm. They call or email and say “so and so said I should reach out to you to get some PR help.”  I’m appreciative of these referrals. They demonstrate the value we provide and successes we’ve achieved. Most of the time, these inquiries segue into a broader conversation about “whether or not the company needs a PR firm” and if they do not right now, “when will they know that it’s time to hire a PR firm”. While we’re are not clairvoyant, there are a handful of tried and true questions that can predict your readiness to partner with a PR firm. Take a few minutes to ask and answer the following honestly.  If you answer yes to at least three, exploring a PR partnership may be the right next step: REV_tips-graphic_V2   If you answered “yes” to more than three, and you’re a fitness, health, food, beverage or beauty product, service or retailer on the West Coast, we may be the perfect match! Give us a shout to explore a partnership at