5 Things to Consider When Selecting a PR Firm

how to choose the right pr firm Entering a partnership of any kind is a big deal – that‘s why we’re very careful about who we partner with and encourage other businesses to take the same approach.  Our methodology for choosing and reaching out to prospective clients is built on our core values, culture, experience, interests, and the opportunity. It’s personal, and for us, directly correlated to the longevity of our client relationships, which are on average 7 years! Here are the things we’d tell our best friends to consider when selecting a PR firm, like us!
  1. Size matters. Are you a small company with an equally small budget? Consider a freelance PR consultant.  If you’re a 20-person+ operation with a little more wiggle room, a boutique agency is likely the perfect fit where you’ll be able to gain executive support for your executive team.  Large companies often fit better with large agencies because they get broader support, a larger team and international capabilities.
  2. So does synergy. No matter what, you should feel comfortable with the agency and team you select. If it’s awkward at all – choose a different firm.
  3. They’ve got heart in the game. Related experience is important, but even more important is passion. In 20 years of doing PR, no one does a better job of promoting a product than an individual who knows, loves and uses the product – along with their craft.
  4. Can the agency influence the influencers you need to reach? We don’t partner with tech companies anymore because frankly, we don’t have the right connections and understand the landscape in the same way we know consumer media, consumer product trades and how to inspire a blogger community to rally around a client.
  5. Get the best bang for your buck. Choose a firm that has talented people, gets results that matter and doesn’t spend more time planning than executing. Planning is important, but at the end of the day, your detailed five-page plan doesn’t mean you’ll sell more product. Your PR partner should have a sensible balance between planning, foundational work and execution.
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