The Working Mom’s Guide to Fall Fun

Seattle’s temperamental weather has started to rear its ugly head, which has most of us already missing the consummate 80 degree summer days. Rain, wind and chilly temps are in our immediate future, but that doesn’t mean our kids have to suffer from boredom on mom’s days away from work. Here are a few tips from Corinne, one of our very own working moms, on what she does to enjoy quality time even when the weather is anything but. 5 1. Clear your coffee table and have a Lego party! Legos and little fingers go together like cider and Mighty-O Donuts. We love this Lego Haunted Lighthouse set for big kids (Halloween anyone?!) and the Jake Pirate Ship for little guys. And we keep it tidy with these great Lego storage bags! 4 2. Cook a meal…Together! If you’re anything like us, dinner prep is often a sprint, not a marathon. While we moms are focused at the stove, it’s easy to forget that many times our little ones wait in anticipation to help – so put them to work! Getting even the smallest kiddos involved in cooking fosters a love for healthy food and nutrition. My kids love this roasted chicken, smashed cauliflower and the easiest homemade bread.  As a side dish to these recipes try the new Sweet Pea and PEPPERGREENS salad mixes from organicgirl. 3 3. Turn off the TV! It’s easy to turn on a movie or show when things slow down. But does anyone really benefit from time spent in front of the tube? No! That’s why I’ve put a few no TV days/night on our calendar. Make lasting memories with an inside campout, “roast” marshmallows in the “campfire” or read books beneath the indoor stars. We love these play tents and teepees from The Land of Nod. 2 4. If the weather is cooperating, get in the car and head to Fox Hollow Family Farm. This place is awesome and never too crowded. We love the roaming chickens, babbling creek that runs through the property, (unintimidating) rides on the horses and, of course, the piglets! 1 5. My kids love to get crafty, but I admit that I don’t organize them as much as I’d like. For our next craft adventure, I’m definitely going to try this fun indoor fluber idea from one or our favorite mommy blogs, Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog. To keep it clean, I love these handy safe all-purpose wipes from KIDS ‘N’ PETS. Do you have tips to make life easier for busy moms? Tweet us at @REVPR