Ready for the Weekend

Can you believe that August is almost over? This summer is flying by! Before you head out of the office for the weekend, take a minute to read the interesting articles we came across this week.   RFTW_8_21_1 The Pumpkin Spice Latte is returning soon, and after the flack it received last year for unhealthy ingredients, it’s coming back with a healthier twist!   RFTW_8_21_4 Clearly we take Starbucks seriously here in Seattle. So seriously, in fact, that Seattle Met helped rate each location from best to worst. We are proud to see the Starbucks café under our office is #1! How does your neighborhood Starbucks measure up?   RFTW_8_21_2 According to recent reports, this social network is considered to be the most trustworthy platform for branded content. Do you agree?   RFTW_8_21_3 When you think of an apartment building pool is this what comes to mind? One London development is putting the cutting-edge idea to the test.   Faithful Labrador holds empty beer glass for its master in pub beer garden Happy hour beers with your dog? This brewery is making it possible! For more fun happenings connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!